Global Personalized Academics


  1. SoftChalk User Guide
  2. About GPA Course Activities
  3. About GPA Courses
  4. Introduction to GPA Courses in Blackboard (for students)
  5. Introduction to GPA Courses in Blackboard (for teachers)
  6. Online Primary Contact (OPC) Guide
  7. Introduction to GPA Buzz Courses (for students)
  8. General Content Information
  9. About the Global Personalized Academics- Blackboard Partner Cloud
  10. Zoho Help Desk - Providing Support
  11. Maestro - Approving a Single Course Request
  12. Fixing Broken or Missing Journals / Blogs in Your Course
  13. SoftChalk Known Issues and Workarounds
  14. Blackboard Known Issues and Workarounds
  15. Viewing the GPA Course Catalog
  16. What is
  17. What is an OPC (Online Primary Contact)?
  18. Global Personalized Academics v3.2 Courses
  19. Windows XP - Installing Language Support Files for Arabic, Chinese or Japanese
  20. Help Articles for Students in China
  21. Creating Student Groups in Blackboard (Manual Enroll)
  22. Attending Virtual Faculty Meetings (for GPA / BSN faculty)
  23. Maestro - Setting up For a New Semester
  24. Making Sure Your Computer is Ready for a Class
  25. Introduction to BSN Courses in M-Star for Students
  26. An Introduction to BSN and Canvas for OPC's
  27. Parent Introduction
  28. Observing a Student Using a Parent Account in Canvas
  29. Tracking Students' Time in Blackboard with Course Clock - for Parents
  30. Introduction to BSN Courses in Canvas (for students)
  31. Introduction to BSN Courses in Canvas (for teachers)
  32. Adding App and Integrations to Canvas
  33. Getting Started in Your Blackboard Bootcamp
  34. Q & A: Can I copy a unit from one course to another?
  35. SoftChalk Errors in Crossword Puzzles
  36. Using Blackboard as a Parent
  37. Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing - System requirements and first time setup